Freshwater Fish, Fisheries and Habitats

Freshwater fish and their habitats are among the most threatened of all species and ecosystems, vulnerable on many fronts, from pollution, water abstraction and damming, to invasive non-native species and climate change.

The Fisheries Team are actively involved in a wide variety of freshwater catchment and fisheries management issues. The Fisheries Team has strong ongoing links with the Rivers Trust. We also work closely with the Atlantic Salmon Trust, lead partner of ‘The Missing Salmon Alliance’, a major UK collaborative project to find solutions to the significant problems facing the UK’s Atlantic salmon populations, using a coordinated, evidence-based approach which is part funded by the Company’s fisheries trust.

Right on our doorstep, we maintain a strong relationship with the River Thames, through our support for the river conservation charity Thames21, and doctoral students working to understand biodiversity and plastic pollution in the heart of our capital.

The problems facing freshwater ecosystems extend far beyond the UK’s shoreline, and part of our work is also devoted to halting the decline of freshwater life in the most urgent need of emergency conservation measures, through the work of the Shoal initiative, hosted by our partners, Synchronicity Earth.

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