The Governance of the Fishmongers’ Company is directed by a Court of 34 Assistants, similar to a board of trustees/directors, from which six Wardens are selected to serve for a period of six years. The Wardens are the governing body of the Company, comprising of the Prime Warden, equivalent to a Chairman of a board of trustees/directors, elected/appointed each year, and five further Wardens.

Alderman Sir Alan Yarrow

Prime Warden 2021/22

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David Jones DL

Second Warden

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David Robertson

Third Warden

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Fred Stroyan

Fourth Warden

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Charles Spicer

Fifth Warden/Renter Warden/Chair of the P&G Committee

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Andrew Sutcliffe QC

Sixth Warden

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The Company has six Committees which provide specialist knowledge in key areas of the Company’s management/business, assisting Court. Committees are made up of Wardens, Court Assistants and co-opted Liverymen.


The Executive is led by Clerk Toby Williamson and assisted by Deputy Clerk and Chief Operating Officer Joanna Allinson. They lead a team of 30+ staff at the Company who enable the Company to meet its core purpose of making a difference in today’s society.

Toby Williamson MVO


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Joanna Allinson

Deputy Clerk & COO

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Andrew Wallace

Fisheries Director

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Steve Maile

Finance Director

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