Welcome to the Membership Giving Platform

Since 1272 giving has been at the heart of everything that we do. The Membership Giving Initiative recognises the Company’s legacy of philanthropy and the membership’s long-running support for this core purpose.

Today, our charitable work addresses both the needs of our namesake trade and some of the most pressing social issues facing people in our neighboring boroughs and beyond. Donations can be allocated to, or split between, the Company’s two charitable trusts, which are governed by our committees and managed by our expert executive, work to allocate our resources to deliver maximum impact in our target areas.

In the world of fish and fisheries we work in collaboration with industry, government, academia, non-governmental and third-sector organisations to develop projects that ensure a profitable and sustainable fisheries and aquaculture industry, thriving coastal communities, alongside healthy marine and freshwater environments. Meanwhile, through our philanthropy and grants team, we support life opportunity, given and supported over the long-term, as the most powerful way of enabling people to live their lives to the full, focusing our efforts on the critical issues of prisoner education, mental health and food and nutrition.

At a time of intense environmental and socio-economic challenges, our work has never been more important. Please, if you can, support the Membership Giving Initiative and help us to maximise our contribution.

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