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Informal trade guilds began to form during the early Middle Ages and these associations would become the first Livery Companies. For example, groups of fishmonger traders are known to have operated collectively in the City long before the Company was founded by Royal Charter in 1272.

Originally charged to act as formal governance bodies for their namesake trades, the Companies also offered fraternal, religious and social aspects to their members.

As the Company and its Membership grew over time, their focus shifted towards the relief of poverty and wider charitable purposes, beginning with donations and bequests from the membership.

It is the stregthening of these philanthropic roots over the centuries that have driven the Fishmongers to act as a force for good in the modern world.

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Hall Tours

To ensure the Hall and our collection remain accessible to the public, we offer guided tours for groups of 6 (minimum) and up to 30 (maximum) people throughout the year. Each tour lasts around 90 minutes, and is conducted by Peter Capon, our Head of Collection. The cost of the tour is £15 per person, including refreshments, all of which goes to directly to our Fishmongers’ Charitable Trust.

Please note that due to high demand, availability of tours are limited. For enquiries about tours, please visit our enquiries page here, making sure you choose Hall Tours on the drop down menu.

Peter Capon

Head of Collection

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