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Monday March 4, 2019

Working Together to Save Freshwater Fish

Since 1970, the world has lost 80% of all animals that lived in freshwater habitats . In the UK and across the globe, pollution, dams, over-fishing and extraction of water for drinking, farming and industry mean that many species of freshwater fish now face imminent extinction. This loss has gone unnoticed for too long. To save the freshwater fish that remain we need strong, organised action right now. 

That’s why the Fishmongers’ Company have partnered with environmental charities, zoos, aquariums and the pet trade to found SHOAL – a new initiative to increase awareness of the problems facing freshwater fish and to raise and direct funding to where it’s needed – on the ground conservation of endangered fish.  

SHOAL is bringing researchers, businesses, charities, local communities and governments together to prioritise and fund the most pressing rescue projects, to halt the declining freshwater fish populations and protect our freshwater biodiversity. 

Mike Baltzer, Director of SHOAL, sets out the partnership’s vision. Celebrity angler Jeremy Wade explains how his travels have highlighted the need to conserve our freshwater ecosystems. © Jim Pettiward

The Company is delighted to have hosted the launch of SHOAL at Fishmongers’ Hall on 1 March 2019 where special guest and celebrity angler Jeremy Wade joined aquarists, anglers, businesses, zoos and aquariums, conservation organisations and foundations. Mike Baltzer, Director of SHOAL, set out its vision to save and recover populations of the most threatened fish and other threatened freshwater species. By working collaboratively with this wide range of stakeholders SHOAL aims to capitalise on the expertise and passion presented by this group and is set to change the face of conservation funding and save the diversity of freshwater habitats and species.  

Hill stream tropical East Asia – freshwater habitats like this one are threatened all over the world

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