Fisheries Grants

Alongside the Company’s support for long-term and substantial projects, the Company and its Fisheries Charitable Trust also continue to provide one-off grants for smaller programmes aligned with its vision to support a better future for the UK’s seafood industry, freshwater and marine fish and their habitats.

We provide grants for projects covering the following programme areas:

  • Freshwater fish, fisheries and catchment management
  •  Marine fish, fisheries and environmental management
  • The sustainable and innovative development of aquaculture
  • Supporting and developing the fish trade

These programmes are aligned with general themes including:

  • Education and communication initiatives
  • Working with research and academic establishments to support evidenced-based approaches
  • The development of international links
  • You must be an independent charity or not-for-profit organisation.
  • However, non-charitable organisations may be considered on condition that grants are spent on charitable projects which comply with the objectives of the FCFCT and are for the public benefit.

Grants will not normally be awarded to:

  •  Individuals.
  • Those applying for multi-annual grants.
  • Organisations with political associations or interests which may be viewed as damaging to the
    Company’s reputation.
  • Items of capital expenditure, except for community-based projects.
  • An initial assessment will be undertaken by a member of the Company’s Fisheries Team and, if
    eligible, an application form will be sent to you.
  • The Fisheries Team reserves the right to request further information, if required.
  • You may apply at any time and applications will be considered normally within 14 working days
  • We will inform you by letter and arrange payment by cheque or BACS transfer, although BACS
    transfer is preferable.
  • Please contact us via the contact form prior to making any application to
    discuss your idea and your application, please select “Fisheries Enquiries” under enquiry type
  • On receipt, all applications will be acknowledged by email.
  • Unsuccessful applicants will be notified by email within one month of relevant Committee meeting.
  • Once an application has been considered and deemed “unsuccessful” and therefore rejected,
    applicants must wait at least one year from the time of being notified of rejection before reapplying.
  • Withdrawn applications do not normally face a time bar.
  • Progress/end-of-project reports must be submitted to the Company using the Company’s Project Update Form. Follow-up visits or enquiries may be made by the Fisheries Team to review progress.
  • It is expected that the Company’s support will be acknowledged in publications/publicity materials
    relating to the project. Where appropriate, and with the Company’s permission, the Company’s
    logo may be used.
  • Only one application will be considered from each organisation in any one year. However, there
    may be exceptions.
  • A further application will not normally be considered for a period of three years from the date of
    approval of the last grant.
  • Please try to keep your application clear and concise. You may add short, informative
    documentation only if this would add value to your application.
  • Do not seek to change your project details, proposal or amount requested after initial submission. This will not usually be allowed because applications are judged and prioritised against others,
    which may then need to take precedence.

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