Fish & Fisheries

The Company’s Fisheries Charitable Trust supports a wide range of projects, grants and convening to:

Build and safeguard a prosperous and sustainable fishing industry, for the benefit of those engaged in it, the environment and our island nation

Under guidance from the Company’s Fish & Fisheries Committee, a small team of specialists work in the Fish & Fisheries Team to manage the Fisheries Charitable Trust’s programmes and wider Company contribution to the fisheries sector. 

The Company’s Fish & Fisheries Team engages across the breadth of the UK fisheries sector, facilitating funding for projects, grants, early career sponsorship, and research. They work in collaboration with industry, government, academia, non-governmental and third sector organisations to:

Develop projects that ensure a profitable and sustainable fisheries and aquaculture industry, thriving coastal communities, alongside healthy marine and freshwater environments.

As well as harnessing the Company’s funds, the Fish & Fisheries Team offers expert knowledge and executive support. The Company prides itself on using its reputation, position, and assets to convene around issues of relevance in the areas in which it seeks to contribute.  

The Company’s relationship with fish has developed greatly from its founding purpose of controlling fish trade within the City of London, however, we maintain strong links to our namesake trade. The Company runs the Discover Seafood site, connecting the public to locally-caught, in-season seafood, and established the Master Fishmonger Standard, a professional certification scheme, to encourage career progression from early career to Master level.   

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