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Monday February 5, 2024

Training the Next Generation for Marine Conservation in St Helena

Support from the Fishmongers’ Company’s Fisheries Charitable Trust’s Ocean Programme has supported dive scholarships for young people in St Helena, providing essential skills to support careers in marine conservation.

Scholars aged 15-17 embarked on an extensive diving course designed to enable them to dive at sea, an essential skill for those wishing to engage in marine conservation, particularly in the unique ocean habitats of the South Atlantic.

Two of the scholars who received funding from the FCFCT have now completed their training with each of them demonstrating skills such as mask removal, regulator removal, low air and various hand signals for underwater communication.

Course organisers said that both Blane and Stefan “showed great enthusiasm and dedication to the course, and both passed with flying colours” and we hope that both will use these skills to great effect in protecting the marine environment of St Helena in years to come.

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