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Thursday July 4, 2024

The Company congratulates the recent success of new MFS Master and Recognised Fishmongers

Four new recipients of the Master Fishmonger Standard (MFS) were congratulated this month, as they completed their assessments to recognise their skills in the fishmongering trade. These marked the first candidates to pass since Seafood Grimsby & Humber Alliance became the new custodians for the scheme. 

The Fishmongers’ Company’s Charities Communication Manager, Gavin O’Donnell, congratulated the recent accredited MFS candidates: To be recognised by the MFS, a candidate has to not only demonstrate excellent knife skills but also knowledge of species, sustainability, and customer communication, a huge congratulations to our candidates for showing such commitment and passing the vigorous assessments, truly deserved 

Sue Mackenzie, owner of The Fish Shop; Passionate about Fish Ltd, and CJ Jackson from Billingsgate Seafood School received their accreditation for the Master Tier of the Master Fishmonger Standard. Alan Brinck; a fishmonger for Waitrose and Joe Hembrough from The Menai Seafood Company, achieved the Recognised Tier of the Master Fishmonger Standard.

On receiving notification of his Award, Alan said ‘I am pleased to be accepted as an MFS Recognised Fishmonger and look forward to engaging with everyone in the future’.

Chris Parker, Wales Seafood Cluster Manager, said: ‘As an assessor for The Master Fishmonger Standard, I find it incredibly rewarding to witness first-hand how this program promotes exceptional knowledge, craftsmanship, and high standards in the industry. Congratulations to our recent candidates—your awards are well-deserved!’  

Passionate about fish and the environment, while upholding the heritage and craftmanship of the fishmonger trade, the Master Fishmonger Standard celebrates professional excellence by certifying fishmongers with extensive professional skills and knowledge.

The MFS was developed by The Fishmongers’ Company in 2018 and is supported by a number of influential members of the fish trade, not least the National Federation of Fishmongers. As an ancient Guild, The Fishmongers’ Company has a historic interest in helping to preserve and commend the fishmonger trade and support those who have adapted to a progressive industry.

Keen to encourage career progression and foster career-long working relationships, the MFS recognises achievement for both new and highly experienced fishmongers through five certification tiers. The ultimate accolade for working fishmongers is the MFS Master Fishmonger tier, whilst the MFS Companion recognises and rewards outstanding lifetime achievements in the fishmonger trade.

The MFS aims to bring to life the craftmanship of fishmongers by communicating rich and authentic stories and, in doing so, hopes to empower consumers to strive towards and seek out excellence.

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