Sustainable Aquaculture

Recognising that wild capture fisheries are often fully exploited, yet demand for sustainably sourced seafood continues to rise, our aquaculture workstream aims to contribute to the UK’s capacity to grow a diverse pool of aquatic species in environmentally and economically responsible ways.

We engage with aquaculture businesses, associations and the academic community to help fund solutions, from building knowledge on health, nutrition and survival, to understanding on farm challenges such as spat settlement, and co-funding work driven by industry needs, such as quantifying trade flows for.

In recent years, we have contributed to work on shellfish seed supply, spiny lobsters, oyster diseases, and supported meetings that bring together active businesses, and active research communities, to encourage collaborative problem solving in a challenging sector. Our programmes and grants originate from discussions with industry and trusted partners, including the Association of Scottish Shellfish Growers, and the Shellfish Association of Great Britain, which is housed within Fishmongers’ Hall.

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