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Friday November 10, 2023

New Toolkit Supports Development of Fishing Associations

Fishing Associations sit at the heart of local fishing industries and provide fishers with a voice in decisions that affect them. A new toolkit, funded by the Company’s Fisheries Charitable Trust provides essential guidance to support fishers interested in establishing an association.

Click here to download the guide.

There are significant benefits in bringing people together to form a representative organisation or association. The reasons for setting up a fishing association should include a broad range of activities that benefit the community at large. Priorities could include improving the value of landed catch, implementing new management measures, collecting data and research, and/or the purchase of gear, technology and infrastructure to improve livelihoods and the sustainability of the sector.

However, setting up an organisation can be a daunting and challenging process. This toolkit is designed for anyone thinking of setting up a fishing group.  Complete with practical guidance, tools and templates, this guide will help you think about the best way to develop a strong fishing association.

Further resources to support fishers in the process can be found on the Fishing into the Future website.

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