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Thursday May 28, 2020

Meet the UK’s future fisheries professionals

Every year, we help support interns and postgraduate students who are working to build careers is the fisheries sector.

Our Targeted Academic Sponsorship hopes to give budding scientists and practitioners the hands-on experience and contacts they need to step forward and become the next generation of fisheries managers, researchers, farmers, advisers and seafood leaders. Here we are happy to introduce some of 2020’s recipients, who, despite the logistical challenges of lock down, interruptions to experiments, limits to site access and cancellations of face-to-face meetings, are all continuing to work full-time towards their goals. They continue to inspire us with their energy and enthusiasm, as they bring new knowledge to the UK’s seafood sector.

Thank you to the following for their contributions to this video: Sophie Corrigan, University of Exeter; Mairi Fenton, Heriot-Watt University; Matthew Hill, Pontus; Alex McGoran, Natural History Museum & Royal Holloway, University of London; Chelsea Broughton, University of Stirling; Dr Nick Lake, Association of Scottish Shellfish Growers.

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