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Tuesday March 30, 2021

Launching the Discover Seafood UK Relay

The UK Relay is the exciting next step in advancing Discover Seafood’s ongoing work to celebrate the UK seafood industry and the fascinating people behind it. Our goal is to form an inspiring collective of professional and hobbyist creatives who will gather stories from key fishing towns that will be shared on the Discover Seafood website and social media channels. The relay will ultimately foster a greater understanding of local seafood at a point in time when support and recognition of the UK fishing industry is absolutely critical. 

We are on the hunt for passionate journalists, bloggers, photographers and filmmakers, who are keen to use their tale-telling talents to shed light on the ‘faces of fishing’ and ‘undiscovered’ local gems in their area. 

As a Coastal Explorer for the UK Relay you will identify opportunities to attend seaside events, make meaningful connections with members of the community, visit places of interest and (best of all!) try local seafood. Document your experiences through whichever medium you choose. This can be via blog posts, short films, illustrations, photography essays or vlogs. The stories collected by our Coastal Explorers will cover every inch of the UK coastline with tastes, experiences, personal testimonies and local insights.

Whether you’re up on the Isle of Skye or down south in Penzance, we are looking for people who are either passionate about their local patch or have an eye for adventure and a willingness to explore further afield and try something new. 

What’s in it for you? 

At the end of the year, to celebrate your achievements and to thank you for your work, you’ll have the opportunity to attend a networking event with industry professionals and fellow Coastal Explorers at the Hall, where work from the UK Relay will be presented.

This is an exciting opportunity for individuals to build their creative skills and writing experience, whilst educating and inspiring a new audience of seafood enthusiasts to go out and support the incredible businesses that exist on their doorstep. Volunteer writers and content creators will also be able to reference Discover Seafood and the Fishmongers’ Company on their CV. 

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