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Monday February 5, 2024

Industry Collaboration for De-carbonisation

Key next steps in the de-carbonisation of the seafood industry have been laid out at a landmark event hosted at Fishmongers’ Hall.

The Seafood Grimsby & Humber Alliance (SGHA), in collaboration with industry leaders such as Hilton Seafoods, New England Seafoods, J Marr (Seafoods), and Sofina’s Young’s Seafoods, is spearheading the decarbonisation agenda within the UK seafood sector. The alliance took a significant step towards sustainability by launching the Seafish Industry Authority’s Seafood Carbon Emissions Profiling Tool at a workshop held at Fishmongers’ Hall on Thursday, 25 January.

Simon Smith, Chairperson for the Seafood Grimsby & Humber Alliance, highlighted the alliance’s dedication to supporting the decarbonisation of the seafood sector. The workshop provided an opportunity to introduce and demonstrate the Seafish tool’s capabilities, especially the recently added feature covering the wild-capture aspect. Developed collaboratively between SGHA and Seafish, this groundbreaking tool calculates the carbon footprint of seafood capture, harvest, and production, facilitating informed investment decisions to drive the necessary supply chain transformation toward Net Zero.

Seafood industry leaders, along with major retailers and food service businesses, are actively testing the tool’s ability to identify carbon hotspots in the wild-capture seafood supply chain. This data-driven approach will enable targeted efforts to reduce carbon emissions in critical supply chains. The event served as a platform to discuss progress and plan the next steps in utilising the Seafood Carbon Emissions Profiling Tool to support ongoing efforts for further decarbonisation of the seafood sector.

Marcus Coleman, CEO of Seafish, expressed the commitment to supporting a thriving UK seafood sector. He emphasised that the Seafish tool aims to quantify seafood’s position, both farmed and wild capture, as a low-carbon protein source, underscoring its role in healthy and sustainable diets.

Dr. Henrietta Boyd, a representative of the Fishmongers’ Company and facilitator of the workshop, highlighted that the Seafood Carbon Emissions Profiling Tool represents a significant leap forward in the collective journey toward a greener and more sustainable seafood sector. Once complete, the tool will empower stakeholders to make informed decisions for a healthier planet.

The collaborative efforts of SGHA and Seafish, along with the engagement of industry leaders, reflect a pivotal moment in the UK seafood industry’s commitment to carbon neutrality and sustainability.

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