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Monday September 28, 2020

Connecting the public to local, sustainable seafood

Introducing Discover Seafood, the new interactive portal for all things seafood, designed to help people find, cook and eat local, seasonal catches from across the UK. Having scoured the coast to bring you closer to the seafood on your doorstep, the site allows users to find their local harbour, see which fishmongers are nearby and meet the local fishermen selling fresh fish and shellfish by the quayside.

In 2014, the Fishmongers’ Company’s Fisheries Charitable Trust launched Fish on Friday,a seafood blog celebrating British seafood and those who catch it. Now, six years later, building on the fantastic stories, recipes and diverse seafood community featured on the Fish on Friday website, the Trust has created Discover Seafood. This interactive, UK-wide map connects the public seamlessly to local fishermen, fishmongers, seasonal and sustainable species, ports and other seafood businesses.

Guiding users around the UK’s ports, the site features the fishermen and fishmongers who bring fresh, locally-caught seafood to our plates. Retailers can add their business and provide all the information customers need, right down to updates on what is in stock that day.

Having enabled users to find where to buy their seafood and knowing exactly what to ask for to make sure they are eating the most sustainable seafood on offer, Discover Seafood also provides countless recipes and guides to make sure people know exactly how to cook and prepare the delicious produce.

As well as an abundance of information about the diverse seafood you can find across the UK coast, the map also includes a huge selection of stories straight from the seafood community. The story archive is a treasure trove of tales, touching on heritage, seafood guides, personal accounts from fishermen and more. Meet the folk who catch and cook your seafood and be inspired to try something new.

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