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Tuesday January 12, 2021

Livery Kitchen Initiative: 2021 Update

What have we achieved so far?

Having launched in 2020 during the first Covid-19 wave, the Livery Kitchen Initiative has supported those in need in the community. This combined effort from the Drapers’, the Fishmongers’, and the Grocers’ has been providing around 2000 healthy and hearty meals a week to 13 community-based charities in North and East London through City Harvest, who are delivering the meals to those that need them the most.

What are we doing next?

2021 continues to raise serious challenges, and we are again helping frontline NHS staff working in Covid zones. On the 11th January we delivered the first of nine weekly Welfare Refreshment Packs to 200+ NHS staff who at the end of their 12- hour shift need to rebuild their strength.

Along with our continued community efforts, we will resume our provision of meals for frontline NHS staff from 18th January. We will be providing 2,100 meals a week to three hospitals in East London (The Royal London Hospital, Newham University Hospital, and Whipps Cross Hospital) for eight weeks.

What do the recipients of the LKI say?

“We do not have enough funds so this is so very helpful. The meals are very tasty, well balanced and nutritious. I couldn’t normally afford this so it is great, especially for the kids.”

“I used to have a job and pay for everything I need, but since I lost it I felt I lost my dignity too, especially with the tasteless food I used to get from different food banks, but your food is different, your food makes me feel happy.”

“It is so nice to have someone else cook for me and my kids. I only have a microwave at home so I have only been eating instant food. I love trying new things like gnocchi.”

“Excellent, we were unsure at first as we have never had to use this sort of service before. I usually work in hospitality and so there is very little work at present. The meals are nicely spiced, good job, well done.”

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