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Thursday August 10, 2023

Room to Heal

Refugees and asylum seekers fleeing conflict and trafficking face a wide range of mental health challenges and trauma. Room to Heal is a grassroots therapeutic charity, supporting refugees and people seeking asylum who have survived torture and human rights abuse.

Their therapy groups, funded by the Company’s Charitable Trust, support approximately 30 survivors from across the globe. During these sessions, members increasingly understand they are not the only
ones to have experienced the horrors that have been inflicted on them. They also realise they can be of benefit to others, sharing their experiences and supporting others on similar journeys, which gives members a renewed sense of self-worth and purpose. Slowly they build relationships with other
group members and start to trust other people again.

The below video covers 10 years of Room to Heal‘s work as they help displaced people who have suffered from violence to rebuild their lives.

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