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Tuesday April 28, 2020

FoodCycle: Providing Nourishing Meals for the Vulnerable Using Surplus Food

Innovative charity FoodCycle supports some of the most vulnerable groups in society across the country by providing nourishing meals using surplus food. As the current crisis has unfolded, the charity has faced multiple challenges, and in response has set up a pilot program providing home delivery service of free food parcels in the London area.

Working with GLA and surplus food charities, including City Harvest who are charitable partners of The Fishmongers Company Charitable trust and also are in receipt of an emergency grant, Foodcycle have been collaborating on how to distribute food parcels to vulnerable people across London Boroughs. Since starting the new service, more than 3,250 people have benefited from food parcels and saved over 14 tonnes of surplus food.

The Fishmongers’ Company, via the Fishmongers’ Company’s Charitable Trust, is delighted to be able to award FoodCycle an emergency grant in order to fund two key staff in London who are essential for the delivery of this new pilot.

FoodCycle is delighted to receive this grant from Fishmongers, as it has enabled us to transform ourselves into food delivery service for hundreds of Londoners during this challenging time. This is especially important given that London has been disproportionally affected by the epidemic. Many of our beneficiaries will also receive a check in and chat call regularly from our volunteers. Vulnerable people are relying on us more than ever and money from the grant will help us to continue to provide this vital service over the coming months, until we can return to our community meals.

To find out more about FoodCycle and to donate, click here

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