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Monday March 4, 2019

First Aid Nursing Yeomanry, Princess Royal’s Volunteer Corps

The Fishmongers’ Company Charitable Trust are delighted to sponsor the training and equipping of two First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (FANY) Princess Royal Volunteer Corps (PRVC) recruits each year.

The FANY (PRVC) is an all-female quasi-military organisation, which deploys multifaceted rapid response teams to support civil and military authorities during emergencies in London. Founded in 1907, the Corps has an illustrious past and members served with distinction during both world wars. This year, nine of its veterans received the Légion d’honneur for their work during the Second World War.

Today, the FANY (PRVC) has 150 active members and an additional network of veteran and associate members. FANYs train regularly to ensure that they can provide a professional public service in the event of a threat or accident. All active members are on call 24/7 in support of a number of organisations, providing a surge capability for those crucial 72 hours after an incident. This frees up staff to perform other vital roles.

Key deployments this year included providing call handlers to support Essex Police following the discovery of the 39 bodies in a lorry in Essex, administrative support for Brexit planning and supporting the City of London Police’s economic crime division. Non-operational deployments included taking part in the D-Day commemorations in Portsmouth and supporting the City of London Police during an exercise based on a large marauding terrorist attack. FANYs gave more than 600 days of support to 32 different organisations last year. This support ranges from providing watch keepers and loggists to record decisions, to playing characters to bring a degree of realism to exercises or offering first aid scenarios to assist with training.

The FANY (PRVC) is a registered charity whose members are all volunteers. The women come from all walks of life and are united in their aim to be of service in whatever capacity is asked of them. Fundraising remains critical to everything they do, and they are extremely grateful to the Fishmongers Charitable Trust for supporting the costs of training two recruits each year.

The generosity of the Fishmongers Charitable Trust provides vital funds enabling us to ensure the year-long programme of training our recruits is to the highest standard, equipping them to face the very real physical and mental challenges that the work of the Corps undertakes in times of crisis, be that terrorist attack, environmental disaster or terrible incidents such as Grenfell Tower Fire.

Commandant Philippa Lorimer, Commanding Officer

If you would like more information about First Aid Nursing Yeomanry, Princess Royal’s Volunteer Corps, click here to visit their website.

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