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Thursday April 23, 2020

Chefs in Schools: Helping to Feed the Most Vulnerable Children

Chefs in Schools are delivering meals to some of the most vulnerable children in London during the current crisis. They are doing fantastic work feeding children who continue to go to school, as well as providing weekly food packs for families with children eligible for free school meals. This innovative charity, which in normal circumstances would be assisting schools in London to improve their school meals, has risen to the challenge created by the Covid-19 pandemic with extraordinary energy.

The Fishmongers’ Company, via the Fishmongers’ Company’s Charitable Trust, is delighted to be able to award Chefs in Schools an emergency grant in order to fund this essential work.

I just to tell you how grateful we are for your ongoing support. It’s quickly become a wearied phrase to talk about unprecedented times, but these really are, and we are so grateful for the certainty of your support – in a world where there isn’t so much certainty anymore! With your support, we can continue to help schools keep free school meals going to where they are needed the most.
– Naomi Duncan, Chief Executive

To find out more about Chefs in Schools and to donate, click here

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