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Wednesday August 16, 2023

Beyond Food & CatZero: Working Together to Change Lives

Funding from the Company’s Membership Giving Initiative has enabled 2 of our long-standing charitable partners, CatZero, and Beyond Food, to develop a collaborative programme, sharing their insights and lessons on how to transform lives across the country.

There are clear parallels between CatZero, a Humberside based charity who works to change the lives of disadvantaged people and helps them to find long-term meaningful employment, and Beyond Food, who use the power of food and the skills of the hospitality sector to help people gain financial independence and break the cycles of poverty and homelessness. This funding enabled Beyond Food participants to join a CatZero sailing expedition, a key part of the CatZero programme, travelling from Portsmouth to Grimsby.

This video follows the course of that journey, and the impact it’s had on some of those who took part:

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