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Wednesday July 17, 2019

Bringing Fishing Voices into Westminster

The Fishmongers’ Company plays a central role in convening around fisheries issues, forming an impartial, evidence-based and collaborative platform. One key element of this is our support for the All Party Parliamentary Group on Fisheries. By providing funding for and working together with Mindfully Wired Communications, who provide the secretariat for the APPG, we help to create a forum in which politicians can come together to learn about and discuss issues in the fisheries sector.  

Co-chair Melanie Onn listens to contributions from leading figures in the fishing and seafood sector

Co-chaired by Sheryll-Murray MP (Conservative) and Melanie Onn MP (Labour) the APPG is a truly cross-party, collaborative initiative. Utilising funding from the Fishmongers’ Company, Mindfully Wired have supported the APPG to build a platform for industry figures to interact with parliamentarians and share their experience and expertise. These discussions are then converted into easy to understand, policy-focused briefings which create a go-to-resource for MPs and peers to support informed decision making within both houses.  

The seminars cover a wide range of topics within the fisheries sector and have already discussed recruitment, careers on land and sea, and marketing and certification. By bringing in industry figures from a wide range of positions, locations and sectors the APPG is able to bring the full range of perspectives on some of the most pressing issues facing fishing and the seafood trade today. You can find out about the upcoming seminars here

To ensure that these seminars are accessible to the full diversity of stakeholders involved in the fishing industry, the APPG utilises its funding to provide bursaries for fishermen and representatives of small businesses travelling from remote or far-away locations. 

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