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Tuesday April 21, 2020

Getting NHS Staff Free Transport to Work throughout COVID-19

Our NHS staff currently have enough challenges at the frontline – getting there shouldn’t be one of them.

In the daily fight against Coronavirus, our brave NHS nurses and key workers UK wide are having to travel to and from their hospital on public transport, despite reduced transport timings and in closer proximity to the travelling public.

The Fishmongers’ Company’s Charitable Trust has partnered with minicabit, Britain’s largest cab comparison site, to enable people to fund FREE minicab trips for NHS staff between their homes and their local hospitals across the UK. With your help, we can give the NHS’s frontline staff one less thing to worry about, as they can now travel for free door-to-door, day or night, in less time and stress.

The impact of the COVID-19 virus is set to intensify so every donation, no matter how big or small, can help NHS staff around the UK at this critical time. To donate, please click here.

Donations will be held by the Fishmongers’ Company’s Charitable Trust. Registered NHS staff can then book a saloon car at which won’t charge for a trip to or from their local hospital. minicabit only redeems donations against successfully completed cab trips. It is waiving its commission, taking just £1 per completed trip to run the service including offering 24/7 support for customers and overseeing the performance of the cab firms.

minicabit only works with licensed Private Hire cab Operators. It has advised them on ensuring their drivers observe all safety measures regarding the Coronavirus including using hand sanitisers and avoiding contact with passengers or even their luggage.

As Britain’s largest cab comparison site, minicabit has over 800 Cab fleets on its network, representing approximately 25,000 drivers. Every month it enables cab trips in over 550 towns & cities around the UK. So our aim is to make as many drivers available as possible to support staff in the regions, not just the largest cities.

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